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I was trying do to a funny take on this: If the ad was gameplay of a small village being built the footage was most likely from a game named Banished. Buck naked e cigs. I can't put a picture of a popular chocolate bar up with the words "buy my chocolate bar today" and a link to buy them underneath.

Don't play those 2 games. This gives me an idea for a game, "Fake Game Tycoon". This is not the place to spam your channel or stream. Mobile strike girls nude. But their ads and screenshots doesn't reflect gameplay at all. Like, if they showed someone playing their game then getting trampled by girls, it would be an annoying ad but not false advertising.

Free Miss Pussy Karen - On the bed nude 1 porn tube video online. Fire Emblem is losing it's appeal fast. Free Merritt Patterson nude - Wolves porn tube video online. Free Ms Patterson in Taking it in the Tailpipe porn tube video online. Nude tattooed lesbians. And even if it did cover the genres they are probable betting on making enough from the sales before it becomes a problem and take the best deal they can afterwards to net an overall profit, since these games are usually pretty low budget cash cows already and have loads of adds inside them to make all the extra money they can.

Or an animated Mr. Free gallery nude nude nude porn tube video online. China is the Game app company of the world, it's people attached to desk forced to put out shitty games. People who are in advertising are the scum of the fuckin earth. Tetris is from Russia. You definitely don't know what you are talking about. They somehow can steal crappy game concepts and just give their own crappy theme.

I guess Nintendo's legal team is too busy taking down fan-made games. I joined the top guild. Rockstar North and Rare are two examples I can quickly come up with.

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Free Chubby tony from Patterson pjs bx porn tube video online. Big perfect fake tits. And it's obvious what they're doing because they both commentate over the same piece of gameplay in separate ads, so it's obvious it's not real. Free Ms Patterson in Cum Communion porn tube video online. What genuinely bothers me, is when mobile games take gameplay from games that aren't even theirs.

Blondes Brunettes Celebrities Softcore Tits. Mobile strike girls nude. I was trying do to a funny take on this: False advertising is the use of misleading, false, or unproven information to advertise products to consumers. I'm a native English speaker and I use "it's super satisfying" all the time. Too busy being number one Game of War. I think it was better than playing "life" games and sexting with adults. However it still requires the owner to know about it and then decide that it is actually worth the legal costs.

I'm enjoying Kingdom Hearts Unchained X myself. Pathan sexy girls pics. I joined the top guild. Free Bruce Patterson, cum shot porn tube video online.

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It's the most accurate description outside of breaking out the "real" name of the referenced anatomical feature. You think this is bad. Patterson in Massive self cum facial after paid bj tags: A lot of these mobile games use screenshots of warhammer total war on Facebook ads.

In this case, they are made and pumped from China, where they must be somewhat "protected" by the lack of scope of false advertising laws in China. Ms Patterson in Getting it in tags: However if they showed people brushing their teeth with mr clean that would be false advertising as that is not what their product is.

You are right about the mobile reskins though - they make it super-hard for decent games to surface. That's actually where I first found out what a pussy looked. Ms Patterson in Stood up tags: They're also buying good reviews, which I thought wasn't allowed either.

Nah it's just because China based rip-offs are nearly impossible to stop as they are protected by loose IP laws in China. Dancing with big tits. On her tits and pussy area?

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