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That first initial sex scene between them was spontaneous and unexpected.

The New York Times. After spending ten years doing stage work he finally moved to L. Free saggy tits. James marsters naked. Does the tedium ever get to you? Since then, he has gone on to play other science fiction roles, such as the alien supervillain Brainiac on the Superman inspired series Smallvillethe omnisexual time traveller John Hart in British science-fiction show Torchwood and terrorist Barnabas Greeley in Syfy's Caprica.

The Unspoken Champion of the underdogs Mar 14, The fault falls on the writters, on one hand, for writting him sympathetic and they did! I'll be sitting in a restaurant one day and start sobbing".

That will a debate that will go on for years to come and I have no problem reading well written thoughts on the matter. Why isn't it all off limits? These songs as well as some of his previously unrecorded work were released on Marsters' second solo album, formally launched in Los Angeles and Cardiff in October and November respectively. I feel sorry for him that he's like a piece of meat.

Frankly, to be able to put that kind of magic back into a film that is targeted for kids is just amazing. I suppose that must be the times being a vampire wait for it bites.

Nuke -- I agree with you that season 6 isn't the one to show the toddlers as a good example of Buffy being a role model. Season 7 Overview Video documentary short Himself. The third audio in the series, Grave Peril[3] was released in March and Marsters is contracted to narrate the fourth in the series, Summer Knightin You really should register so you can chat with us!

You're welcome, blwessel, et al. Selena gomezs tits. I would have personally been thrilled to play the complexities of Buffy in season 6. I love Spike and it's not because James a good looking fella. Aren't these kinds of things usually included in contracts and stuff beforehand? Show all 9 episodes. And Spike has had plenty of that this season, enduring weeks of torture by minions of the apocalypse-bent First Evil the incorporeal source of all badness. The sex scenes were disturbing, but this is old hat, on both levels.

I've always assumed that actors who have to strip for a role don't really mind it or they would find some way not to do it. The thing that's happening between Spike and Buffy has a purpose, and it's going to say something very truthful and painful about Buffy and her journey toward adulthood.

Then Buffy comes back, a little more emotional frazzling.

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The writers give the characters motivation, words, feelings, etc. Then she initiates sex with him. Milf in shirt. Buffy Summers Yataro Staff member. Spirits and what not and energy but I don't believe that there are creatures of the night walking around. As for SMG, this magazine didn't get it right, she was talking about one specific scene, which was the balcony one in DT.

In fact, it must be a virtual necessity, for a good actor, to be quite unselfconscious. You know you look back and you go this is why it was happening and this is why you had to say that for that specific reason and I think because he was so specific it kind of pin pointed the show for what it was, and is.

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Spike has been strapped to a torture wheel this season, but, Marsters noted, "In 'Buffy,' I got to keep my pants on. She knew he loved her and used that love for her own ends.

I believe in the supernatural yeah of course. James marsters naked. He was only able to hit demons, then able to hit her after she came back from the dead, what else was there to think? We tried, we did man. Disney cartoon characters naked. I've never seen anyone say Buffy 'deserved' to be raped. However, it likely varies from person to person. I say this kind of tabloid crap should be ignored. I also think it comes down to how you see vampires without souls. Glad to here it. You remember that shit? As for the WB Board, I stopped posting there, too, because that place is constantly spammed and out of controll, so I wouldn't put anything past what is there as the mods seemed to have had problems with posters.

Still hoping for that E Hollywood story. And, what would Spike have thought about it? In his mind, Buffy having sex with him equals Buffy maybe loves him. I just thought someone might have asked her if she'd like to just go at it with another cast member in front of everybody.

Sarah has said that she felt that the thing Buffy did in 6th season, were out of character. Naked for a cause. But really get over it, Sarah. Spike striking a martyr's pose -- draped around a large cross, bare back to the camera, flesh smoldering -- for a love that Marsters calls "unquenchable.

What has doing sex scenes with one of the sexiest women in the world done for your career?

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What goes into creating your TV personna? He played three dates across London and performed for three consecutive days in Milton Keynes. Not just because Buffy, in the scene, is injured. Mamie van doren nude pics. On August 19,it was announced that James signed on for a role in Caprica. You must have met some strange people. The trouble with the 'rape scene' was on several levels.

Not because it was a great romance, but because it was a powerful story. Doesn't it always eventually get to your head as an actor? So then it's harder to forgive his bad actions. Well thank you very much. Pissing big tits But they did it anyways, so.

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