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When Zero is planning to attack the Britannian Art Gallery with the goal of assassinating the Emperor who has arrived there, Kallen confronted him about whether it would be a trap and also commented that she would still follow him. Porn xx lesbian. Follow-through by ryder77 Fandoms: She even tries to assassinate Suzaku Kururugi after learning that he is the pilot of the Lancelotbelieving it would benefit Zero's goal.

When the others won't listen, she asks what she means to him, expressing a willingness to die then and there as long as it's with him. I do not own Code Geass. She keeps several photos of her friends in her room and smiles at the one with Lelouch before eating a piece of French toast, waving goodbye to her mother before hurrying to school.

In the Black Knights Route, Rai stops Princess Euphemia from following through with Lelouch's accidental Geass command an alternate version to episode 22—23which he was shot in the process. Kallen stadtfeld naked. Lust, desire and love are all very powerful things, especially when you're a horny teenage lesbian fighting against an evil Empire, and poor Kallen is suffering it all. We need you to be Zero this time with all your heart. In school, she portrays herself as a weak-bodied high school student who obeys all of the formalities, and goes by her Britannian name of Stadtfeld.

Hangyaku no Lelouch Picture Drama add Main. However, she refused to fully accept her Britannian side as it would mean abandoning her Japanese friends, people, and self; thus making her one of the few selfless characters in all the series.

The rest of the student council comes in while they are talking, resulting in Kallen trying to explain the misunderstanding. After it is revealed to her that Lelouch and Zero are the same person she is left with the idea that he was using both the Japanese and her through Suzaku's words, in time however she learns that Lelouch's true intentions are noble and thus slowly develop feelings for him. Nude hot african girls. Chapter List 1-Bunny Girl 1. She is also apparently Zero's only soldier as only she helps him, such as when they rescue Suzaku.

In the Blue Moon Route, Rai received a blue colored letter and follows the letters instructions to go a place, leading him to a church and finds Kallen there. Also she was not with Ohgi and the other resistance members until the Black Knights are formed.

Opinions stated in profiles of users may not reflect the opinions or views of Adult-FanFiction. And they asserted their dominance by mastering females of the vanquished. What is typically discouraged: After receiving the message from Zero, both Kallen and Ohgi decide to help him save Suzaku Kururugi who was falsely accused of murdering Clovis.

After Lelouch gains his Geass from C. After the High Eunuchs turn to Schneizel el Britannia for military support, she is turned over to Suzaku along with the Guren. As for his alter-ego Zero, Kallen hold a strong admiration to Zero due to his leadership and his beliefs in justice. Copy from Source Post Fetch. Suddenly, the green-haired girl herself came charging into the living room, dripping wet and completely naked.

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In the battle against Cornelia's forces in the Saitama ghetto, she met up with the Mark Nemo again and witness it destroying all of the Britannian forces, and thought it was on their side, but disagrees and starts to attack Kallen and her group.

Her manager Kolin betrays her and she and Chirico team up to fight him. She even tries to assassinate Suzaku Kururugi after learning that he is the pilot of the Lancelot, believing it would benefit Zero's goal. Candid fake tits. She is shown living with her mother in the city. She flees in shock rather than aiding Lelouch to deal with Suzaku.

Knowing that she would do precisely that was the reason Lelouch remained silent, as he wanted Kallen to live on. See image sample for information. Kallen stadtfeld naked. As they continue fighting, Suzaku is shocked at the power of the Guren, but is unwilling to give up.

Code GeassHarry Potter - J. Kallen recounts the part Zero played, or rather plays in her life. Luciano and the Valkyrie Squadron are killed, as are an untold number of support units. Whereas normally Kallen is powerful, confident, willful, and Japanese-favoring, at school she was a milquetoast, withdrawn ill girl who didn't speak up very much the ill part was to hide her recreational activities as a Black Knight. Milf femdom pics. Kallen is too hot a fanservice to be left unexploited, and I have fallen for her charms as well Code Geass R2 makers: Since then, Kallen attends the Ashford Academywhere she is a member of its student council and is one of its most outstanding students, though she skipped school regularly as a result of participating in terrorist activities with an excuse of poor health.

Very few people knew that the assassination of the ninety-ninth Emperor was actually an honour suicide, assisted by a dear friend and retainer in a long-held Japanese tradition. She returns back to class with a fake persona of a frail girl. Lelouch disproves these suspicions by being present while she receives a telephone call from Zerowhich actually plays a message he recorded.

She witnesses his confrontation with Suzaku and learns about his true identity and his Geass power. Not anime-related, such as photos of American porn actresses. The way you stare at me all the time After Rai had left the hangar, Kallen turned to her Guren and slammed her fist in anger and sadness. Hankou no Suzaku add Supporting. Sexy nude girls of india. This feature will allow you to replace a post's image with another image in place.

Streams of sticky wet saliva poured down the sides of C. Following Lelouch's declaration that Britannia will join the UFN, Kallen escorts him to the meeting, giving orders to the Black Knights beforehand to gun her down if she appears to be under the influence of Geass. Before the Black Knights begin their operation to rescue Tohdoh from his scheduled execution, Rakshata appears to meet Zero and give them the new Knightmare models and suits.

Kallen couldn't help but smile. Despite her tough attitude Kallen is actually quite sensitive and gentle, however after the death of her brother she doesn't show this side much anymore.

Kallen breaks into the Avalon and attempts to kill Lelouch, with tears in her eyes as she does so, but is stopped by C.

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Kallen pulled her face away from C.

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